Walking Back to Happiness

Two vicars, their marriage in tatters with wounds reaching far back into the past, set out on a journey to find healing and restoration. Their route will take them from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, but will it help them find their way home? Along the 320-mile route across rural France, burdened by backpacks and blisters, Kim and Penelope stumble across fresh truths, some ordinary, others extraordinary. But will they be defeated by the road ahead or triumph over the pain of the past? Is there a chance they'll find themselves in France and walk back to happiness? In this simple but enchanting book, part travelogue and part pilgrimage, Penelope invites you to walk with her and her husband on their epic journey as they encounter new faces and new experiences, and reconnect with each other and with God. Every step of the way, you'll discover more about yourself and what's really important to you.


“More than a tale of a bucket-list adventure, this is a return-to-love story of a marriage grown cold. Walking miles across France, our protagonists inch closer towards each other. With colour and grit, Walking Back to Happiness shows what can be regained in a relationship when we commit to walking a new path side-by-side.”

Sheridan Voysey writer/speaker/broadcaster Author of The Making of Us: Who We Can Become When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned and Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings

“Crossing France from coast to coast on foot, Penelope becomes reacquainted with the husband she fell in love with and makes peace with the pain and trauma of the previous years. This is a travelogue in the best tradition, full of evocative descriptions of landscape, architecture and locals, as well as vivid accounts of epic gastronomic experiences that will make your mouth water. The reflections on marriage, forgiveness and the spirituality of suffering are deeply moving, as is the sheer determination and courage it takes for the couple to pull on their boots and keep going each morning. You will be uplifted, cheered and inspired by this book. And maybe even tempted to go for a longer-than-usual walk…”

Jo Swinneyauthor of ‘Home: the quest to belong’

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